[wp-hackers] Pseudo-Cron

Jacob Santos dragonwing at dragonu.net
Sun Sep 23 10:27:42 GMT 2007

 From what I've read of the WP Cron code, you want to use 
wp_clear_scheduled_hook unless you want to remove all instances of the 
scheduled event. wp_unschedule_event is good if you screw up and 
constantly add the same event over and over again. It is better to use 
wp_unschedule_event, than iterating over wp_clear_scheduled_hook. At 
least in my opinion with the very little I've used of it.

I would agree that it would be useful to know that you have to create a 
hook before using some of the functions. The only way I was finally able 
to get my plugin to work was finding some awesome guy online that wrote 
about the troubles and journey he had with trying to schedule an event.

Jacob Santos

Otto wrote:
> Clearly these need to be documented, since everybody gets them wrong...
> If you schedule any event, even a recurring one, wp_unschedule_event
> will get rid of it. Completely. Even recurrances.
> If you schedule the same event twice, wp_clear_scheduled_hook will get
> rid of both of them. It's also somewhat simpler to use (no need to get
> timestamp of next scheduled event).
> This is because a recurring event only actually exists once: The next
> time. When it runs, it's rescheduled for the next event just before it
> actually executes. That's how recurring events work.
> In short, you probably always want to use wp_clear_scheduled_hook to
> get rid of an event. The only reason you ever want to use
> wp_unschedule_event is if you have a complex set of events and want to
> be certain that you get rid of get the exact one you want to get rid
> of.
> On 9/22/07, Matt <speedboxer at gmail.com> wrote:
>> On 9/22/07, Omry Yadan <omry at yadan.net> wrote:
>>> without know ANYTHING about the API, I am guessing that you need to use
>>> wp_unschedule_event, and that
>>> wp_clear_scheduled_hook is used internally to notify listeners of
>>> unschedule events.
>> I tried it out by checking if wp_next_scheduled_event was the cron. It turns
>> out that you should you wp_clear_scheduled_hook if you want to completely
>> get rid of a recursive cron. I think wp_unschedule_event just unschedules
>> the next time it's supposed to run, but it will continue to run after that
>> one that's been "skipped".
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