[wp-hackers] Plugin Update Checking and the Plugin URI

Matt speedboxer at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 01:03:57 GMT 2007

On 9/22/07, Viper007Bond <viper at viper007bond.com> wrote:
> Er, I take that back. I misread the code, but let me explain further how
> it
> works while I'm at it.
> The function grabs your plugins list and sends the whole thing at once to
> WordPress.org, regardless of what the URI is of the plugin. WP.org then
> parses that, figures out if any of those plugins are hosted at WP.org, and
> then returns data on the ones it knows about.
> So simply put, if you want update notices, you need to host the plugin at
> WP.org and the details of the plugin (author, URI, title, etc.) don't
> matter
> in terms of whether it'll get update checked or not.
Thanks for the clarification. Maybe that should be put in the Codex?

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