[wp-hackers] Re: PHP notice warnings

Tom Barta tbarta at gmail.com
Sat Sep 22 20:23:45 GMT 2007

> a developer who's not wandering into the source must be the kind of
> developer who does not care about notices :)

I care about notices, but I've probably only read 20% of the wordpress
core source.  I know when I first looked at wordpress, the constants
defined in wp-config.php stood out as an obvious place to look for
developer-configurable settings.  I shouldn't have to look through
*all* of the code just to find a list of available settings.

Take /etc/ for example.  Most linux config files have commented-out
options assigned to the defaults, which makes it easier to make
modifications.  This is despite the fact that most of those options
are 100% discoverable through man-pages... it's just a courtesy to


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