[wp-hackers] Pseudo-Cron

Jennifer Hodgdon yahgrp at poplarware.com
Sat Sep 22 16:32:29 GMT 2007

Omry Yadan wrote:
> without know ANYTHING about the API, I am guessing that you need to use
> wp_unschedule_event, and that
> wp_clear_scheduled_hook is used internally to notify listeners of
> unschedule events.

That is incorrect. WP doesn't use such a naming convention (you may be 
thinking of Drupal).

See other email messages in this thread from Otto for correct 
information about these functions. Both unschedule and clear will 
unschedule cron jobs.


> Matt wrote:
>> So if I wanted to unschedule a cron that runs daily, which function do I
>> use, wp_clear_scheduled_hook or wp_unschedule_event?

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