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Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Tue Sep 18 22:35:18 GMT 2007

Same here - except it's worse :-)
305 ms to ping my own server (in CA)

"Standard" broadband is 128-256, I'm lucky enough to afford 512/128 (and
that's a frikkin 50USD a month!!!)
And there are bandwidth limits for almost everyone here (unless you pay
extra to cancel them).... which are ridiculously low, like the limit for
256kb internet is just 3gb a month [!]

On 9/19/07, Jeremy Visser <jeremy.visser at gmail.com> wrote:
> Omry Yadan wrote:
> > 2. obviously reducing the size of the code will make it download faster,
> > but does it really matter with today's conditions of fast connections
> > and smart browsers that cache everything?
> Only if you live in the USA. Consider us poor souls living in Australia.
> I gather the 'norm' for broadband speeds in the US is around 8mbit, right?
> Well, over in Oz, (where we have to travel by riding flying foxes
> everywhere, because otherwise we'd fall into the sky, as everything's
> upside-down here), the average broadband speed is 512K. If you live in a
> CBD, you can get 24mbit, but that's not affordable for most people.
> Plus, often latency is the issue, not bandwidth. Believe it or not, it
> takes me 250 milliseconds to ping most websites. I'm sure that someone
> in the US would have < 50msec. So, in the 200msec they're ahead of me,
> I'm sure they could have executed most of the JS unpacker while mine is
> still waiting for a response.
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