[wp-hackers] Packing JavaScript

Alex Günsche ag.ml2007 at zirona.com
Tue Sep 18 16:48:10 GMT 2007

On Tue, 2007-09-18 at 09:20 -0700, Lloyd Budd wrote:
> The last adventure down this path was reverted after problems were
> encountered and it seems like a pain trying to debug in a compressed
> file.

I see. Unfortunately I hadn't found the trac tickets before posting my
first message. I did search the web, but I haven't found the trac

I agree that debugging a compressed file is pretty much impossible, this
is why I've thought of a switcher. As for the actual packer problems, I
think one could try different packers and give the best one a try.

However, if the WP core team is through with packed JS, I guess I'll
have to accept it. ;)

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