[wp-hackers] Disabling the core update system

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Mon Sep 17 15:35:27 GMT 2007


Add a manual "Update" button in the admin screen that only shows up  
for Admin user -- invisible to any other users.

In fact, that button should be pretty prominent -- maybe at the top  
corner of each page if you're the admin (you can probably crib off  
the "Hello Dolly" plugin for how to do that. :).

Good idea -- it will be helpful for admins of both tech-phobic and  
don't-bother-me-with-this-stuff users :)


Stephen Rider

On Sep 16, 2007, at 8:23 PM, John Blackbourn wrote:

> I maintain a multitude of WP installations for clients and friends and
> I'm planning on upgrading all these installations to 2.3 when it's
> released.
> As I keep these installations up to date, and update them as soon as
> possible after new releases are made, there's no need for the core
> update system to check for updates, so I wrote a simple plugin which
> disables the core update checking, and therefore disables any
> notifications which might be displayed to users.
> I thought it might be handy for other admins of multiple
> installations, so you can get the plugin here:
> http://lud.icro.us/disable-wordpress-core-update/

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