[wp-hackers] Plugin Challenge: Post from an iPhone

Stephen Rider wp-hackers at striderweb.com
Mon Sep 17 14:29:27 GMT 2007

I agree with you in principle, _but_...

The iPhone has a hugely more sophisticated web browser than pretty  
much any mobile machine out there.  The thing basically runs a full  
deesktop browser.

This has two ramifications with regards to a "mobile interface"

1) It can actually run the regular WP interface pretty well

2) As more website and such code for the advanced capabilities of the  
iPhone, it is pushing hard on other producers to create mobile  
devices that can handle complex sites.

I don't think it's a bad idea to create a _really_ stripped-down  
interface for run-of-the-mill mobile devices, but I like the idea of  
creating a full-function (or most-function) for devices that are on  
this high level.  Other devices will catch up in time -- the market  
demands it.  :)

I want to figure out how well the iPhone runs Ajax.

I have some strong ideas about interface.  I'll write again when I've  
had a bit of time...


On Sep 12, 2007, at 9:20 PM, Mark Jaquith wrote:

> A lot of "for iPhone" sites *don't* do so well in other devices  
> because they count on iPhone-level JS support and MobileSafari- 
> specific features.  Heck, most "for iPhone" sites don't work on  
> Desktop Safari or Firefox.  Would be nice for people to develop  
> sites that work well on all mobile devices (iPhone/iPod Touch  
> included), and not just sites that emulate the iPhone interface.   
> Because no matter how popular those Apple devices become, it's  
> still a very small portion of the mobile universe.

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