[wp-hackers] PHPMailer was a mistake

Jacob Santos dragonwing at dragonu.net
Sat Sep 15 23:55:14 GMT 2007

Not having to maintain or support PHPMailer in the future to add any 
"missing" features that might come up for plugin authors.

Jacob Santos

Computer Guru wrote:
> I think you misunderstood what I said:
> I personally do not believe that switching to Swifty will open any
> holes or break much code (I'm using it now via a totally overloaded
> function), I'm just taking the worst-case scenario.
> Let me make this to the point:
> Besides SMTP, what do we gain by switching to Swifty that makes it worthwhile?
> (seeing as SMTP can be added in 5 minutes to PHPMailer)

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