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By a unique ID for each that isn't the IP?

You'll notice that many software say no "uniquely identifable data"
that ****"can be traced back"**** to you or your computer.

If you assign each blog a special GUID ***that cannot be traced back
to that blog or that computer**** it's still useful but not an
invasion of privacy.

On 9/16/07, wordpress at nazgul.nu <wordpress at nazgul.nu> wrote:
> The problem is that you need something like the remote IP for these stats to
> be useful. How else are you going to distinguish between a blog that sends
> its data twice (after an upgrade for instance) and 2 separate blogs sending
> data. You don't want to count that upgrade as a new blog.
> Regards,
> Bas Bosman (Nazgul)
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> Omry Yadan wrote:
> > users that opt not to provide statistical information should not be
> > punished by reducing the functionality in any way.
> >
> I generally agree if the statistics can be traced to an individual.
> However, if we keep the stats anonymous so there's no user data, I think
> it's ok to track them automatically as part of the core functionality.
> The bottom line is, by analysing the server stats we could tell how many
> people had what plugins installed. If I want to check for a new version,
> I have to send a request somewhere with the name of the plugin and ask
> for the latest version number. Standard web logs will store the remote
> IP and the plugin name.
> If we don't store the remote IP in the stats, then I see no privacy or
> other issues of stat collecting.
> Cheers - Callum.
> PS> I'm a privacy nut, I don't use Google except through a separate
> browser proxied to a single IP because I don't like their privacy
> policy. On the other hand, I have no issue with anonymous stats! :)
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