[wp-hackers] Correct 404 Behavior?

Joost de Valk joost at joostdevalk.nl
Sat Sep 15 18:27:38 GMT 2007

Sending a 404 :)

Officially, if a file is not there ANYMORE, you should send a 410,  
Content deleted, but no one does that.


On Sep 15, 2007, at 8:24 PM, Computer Guru wrote:

> Just a quick question:
> Should 404 headers be sent for missing content or only missing files?
> If a post is missing, should that be an error message or a full 404?
> Back in the day, it wasn't really much of a question:
> If /blog/my-article-2.htm wasn't there (keeping in mind that it was a
> physical file), it was a 404.
> But now that's not a real file, it's just a permalink. If a permalink
> doesn't exist or is broken, what's the correct *standard* behavior?
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