[wp-hackers] Plugin Challenge: Post from an iPhone

Sam Bauers sam at viveka.net.au
Fri Sep 14 17:32:58 GMT 2007

On 14/09/2007, at 11:18 PM, Doug Stewart wrote:

> RE: iPhone screen size
> It seems to be 320x364 when the keyboard is hidden, 320x100something
> when it's extended.

Approximated from Apple documentation...

Screen Dimensions
• Raw - 320 x 480

• Safari with normal chrome
    • Portrait - 320 x 416
    • Landscape - 480 x 256

• Safari with maximum chrome
    • Portrait - 320 x 356
    • Landscape - 480 x 196

• Further reduced when keyboard is shown
    • Tab index on form elements is important

On 14/09/2007, at 9:46 PM, Doug Stewart wrote:

> RE: iPhone file uploads
> Is the only way to get photos off the beast (aside from
> syncing) still sending via email?  If there were a way to hook into
> the photos/camera screen, that'd be super sweet.  (From my reading on
> the subject, the answer seems to be "You'll get 640x480 pictures
> mailed to your Yahoo! address, or nothing, and like it!").

I think there is a facility to upload photos to a .mac account  
through one of the custom apps. Emailing photos should work like on a  
normal device, so there is the possibility to add a link to the email  
application inside the WordPress iPhone plugin where you could send  
an email with the photos you want to upload attached. The link could  
inject a special subject into the email so that it sent the photos  
directly to the upload folder in the given WordPress installation, an  
ajaxy refresh of the file picker in the post authoring page would  
allow the new file to be used without a page refresh.

This would require a modified post by email functionality.

Does that make sense?


  Sam Bauers

  sam at viveka.net.au

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