[wp-hackers] adding delete/autoload to options.php

DD32 wordpress at dd32.id.au
Wed Sep 12 11:46:27 GMT 2007

I had a thought today about the options.php thats been mentioned a lot recently, and i thought i might share it and see what peoples thoughts on the topic would be.

Currently options.php allows you to edit the value of simple strings, thats nice and all, But what I'd like to do is be able to delete a option, or toggle its autoload functionality.

Now, Deleting, I realise that someone who doesn't know what they're doing could cause havoc with that, but they can do the same if they modify the value to an unexpected value, Many plugins don't clean up the options when removed, and some users i know end up with a couple of thousand options(Those who like to tinker with many plugins..)
Perhaps a button, or check-box?

Toggling the autoload flag, At present the only way to set that is when adding the option, or by doing a direct SQL Query, Maybe adding a update_option_autoload, or adding a 3rd param to update_option?
Users might also find it useful to be able to toggle that autoload function from the options.php file, Now, if they were to set all options as no autoload, then that could cause performance issues, But I'm thinking that most people who access the options.php page are more advanced than the majority of WP users, so thats not a great issue.

Thoughts? Comments?

I've already coded up some of it locally for quicker delete-option access, but I'd like more input from the WP devs before i clean it up and submit a Trac Ticket if anyones interested.


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