[wp-hackers] Plugin Challenge: Post from an iPhone

Stephane Daury wordpress at tekartist.org
Wed Sep 12 05:01:14 GMT 2007

On Sep 12, 2007, at 0:10, Matt wrote:

> You wouldn't actually need an iPhone to completely test this out,  
> an iPod
> touch hooked up to some Wireless Internet would work just fine. :P

Good point. But w/ 3 kids and working for a university, the nano and  
begging on the wp-hackers list is all I can afford. ;)

> An awesome example of a iPhone page is Facebook:
> http://iphone.facebook.com/

Yeah, FB pulled it off quite nicely. My coworker came running in my  
office the second it hit the streets. :)

A friend of mine, Joe, got himself a free iPhone from Kevin Rose for  
developing one for Digg.

The worst part: Apple is about to open a store a couple of blocks  
away from my office...
Temptation... Bah, my kids don;t need to eat anyway, right?

> Just go to it in FireFox or Safari (for Windows works fine).
> I don't have an iPhone (I also live in Canada), but I think that  
> would look
> sweet on one.

iPhoney.app (mac) is pretty nice too, because it emulates the  
rotation, scales the page as the iPhone does, and sets the proper  
I'm sure one for windows will popup (or as an Adobe Apollo .air app  
since the latter also runs webkit).


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