[wp-hackers] Plugin Challenge: Post from an iPhone

Stephane Daury wordpress at tekartist.org
Wed Sep 12 01:09:43 GMT 2007

re: what needs be done to get it there?
Get me an iPhone and I'll roll it out. :p
Kidding. I'm in Canada anyway... :(

But on a more serious note, one more question would be how much of  
the admin is a good target to aim for to start with?

The article mentions that the guy went on to make alternate templates  
for the whole admin, which is obviously quite a lot of work in itself  
(I think he's a paid employee).

 From what I see (please correct me if I'm wrong), WP does not allow  
for templating of the admin.
This said, a plugin could easily point all iPhone/mobile based logins  
to an alternate admin interface in WP, which has the advantage to let  
the dev community start with the most desirable core functions anyone  
would really be interested in using from a mobile browser (post,  
etc), and phase in the rest of the admin as time goes (presentation,  
etc). I'd venture this would make it more realistic if taken from a  
community development approach. That's if Automattic doesn't put some  
paid resources behind it, which would be an ideal scenario.

The UI component in the MT plugin is itself derived from a plugin for  
TypePad (also by a paid employee), so there's a precedent for  
emulating that part. I'm not sure if the two plugins use it, but iUI  
makes replicating the iPhone interface a breeze: <http:// 


On Sep 11, 2007, at 14:27, Doug Stewart wrote:

> Simplicity in posting -- MT's doing it:
> http://www.movabletype.org/2007/09/one_more_reason_to_buy_an_ipho.html
> So is our admin interface flexible enough to allow for such a beast?
> And, if not, what needs be done to get it there?
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