[wp-hackers] Re: Plugin to post source code needs testing

Christian Höltje docwhat+list.wp.hackers at gerf.org
Tue Sep 11 21:21:26 GMT 2007

* Otto (otto at ottodestruct.com) [070910 16:09]:
> On 9/9/07, Viper007Bond <viper at viper007bond.com> wrote:
> > As for GeSHi, that's server side. This plugin relies entirely on Javascript
> > to do the highlighting and box. It makes it much easier to be honest, plus
> > it works better for text readers.
> 1. How does it make it easier? I use WP-Syntax and just add wrappers
> around my code that look like <pre lang="php">...</pre> and it just
> works. I don't see that that is any easier to do than add [sourcecode]
> wrappers. As far as implementation, you upload the plugin and activate
> it. Can't get much simpler.

I think he meant from a developer's point of view.  Also, I tried that
plugin and I had problems.  I did like that the syntax let you disable
the plugin and it looked "okay" in the browser...but this plugin has
that potential as well...

> 2. WP-Syntax generates completely valid XHTML and CSS for the code,
> any text reader will read it just fine.

The JavaScript SyntaxHighliter doesn't generate correct XHTML, so that
*is* a problem.

> 3. Using a server side system like GeSHi seems like a better solution
> to me. For one thing, you don't have the page render the code first in
> plain ugly black text and then suddenly have it jump to nice and
> colored once the javascript kicks in.

> I gotta say that while this is an interesting approach, the server
> side approach is a better one which just makes more sense. So I'll
> stick to WP-Syntax.

I wouldn't mind the server side approach if it could be cached, but
running GeSHi everytime gets expensive for anything more than small
snippets.  And I do like the ability to server the unformatted
version, etc.


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