[wp-hackers] Replacing a function in Pluggable.php - wp_new_user_notification

Johannes Ruthenberg johannes at bolarus.de
Sun Sep 9 18:24:05 GMT 2007

Hi Alex!

Alex Cragg schrieb am 09.09.2007 19:38:
> I tried what you suggested, despite not seeing anything attached as an 
> example  ;-) . but what happens now is that i register, and instead of 
> being redirected to the login page, i just stay at a blank page, and no 
> email is sent at all. I dont understand this as the original function 
> doesnt have anything to do with a redirect.

I haven't followed this thread closely, but I think this sounds like a 
PHP error. You may want to check your PHP log file to see if any error 
is output there. If there is an error in a function before the page 
content is generated and if outputting errors to the screen is switched 
off in your php.ini, you would get a blank page upon calling this function.

Ok, just a guess, but sounds like it. ;-)



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