[wp-hackers] Do I have to suggest a new hook (or just write better documentation)?

Pixline supporto at pixline.net
Sun Sep 9 10:59:22 GMT 2007

I wrote a plugin [1] that needs a little template modification in  
order to work. But I have seen in the last two months that quite 9/10  
of potential users have troubles in doing this little modification [2].
As long as I know, there's no hook available to make what this plugin  
is supposed to do (replace 'archive for category x' h2 with a page  
content, like a longer introduction to your category archives).

My questions:
1) Am I missing some hooks, and there's a better way to do what I'm  
trying to do?
2) If not, this is worth a new hook proposal, and do you think this  
hook would be acceptable?

I'm really confused...
Thank you!

[1] http://pixline.net/wordpress-plugins/category-page-plugin/
[2] http://talks.pixline.net/topic/installation-okay-page-does-not- 

Paolo Tresso
Pixline.net coder

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