[wp-hackers] Ajaxian Page Ordering for Wordpress

Andrew Ozz admin at laptoptips.ca
Wed Sep 5 17:17:28 GMT 2007

Hi Bernardo, good job!

I was thinking to try something similar but with scriptaculous (have 
some experience with it). Instead of loading all Pages and having 
several pages listing... Pages, I was thinking to load only the top 
Pages (with parent = 0) and use them as the containers - they would have 
an open/close box on the right, like the draggable menus on the write 
page. Then, when the user opens a top Page, using ajax to fetch all 
sub-pages for it, allowing only 2 or 3 top Page containers to be open at 
the same time to reduce clutter. Perhaps something to try for the next 

Dragging off the edge of the window - you should be able to (easily) 
constrain the dragging to vertical only. There's no need for horizontal 
dragging there. The insertion guide shows clearly where the dragged Page 
titles will drop.

The only bug I see (well, more of a cosmetic issue) is that the page 
sometimes flickers quite noticeable when starting a drag, in both FF and 

Bernardo Santos wrote:
 > >> Hello everybody,
 > >>
 > >> As my Google Summer of Code project, I developed a "drag and drop"
 > >> jQuery
 > >> plugin with support for pagination whose main goal was to be used for
 > >> easily
 > >> ordering the pages in the WP. It is now integrated into WP and almost
 > >> finalized.
 > >>
 > >> I set up a sandbox where you can test it. I would really appreciate
 > >> if some
 > >> of you could take a look at it and give me your thoughts and
 > >> suggestions. I
 > >> recommend you to use FF to test it (there is still a minor cosmetic
 > >> issue in
 > >> IE). More information on:
 > >>
 > >> 

 > >>
 > >>
 > >> Cheers,
 > >>
 > >> Bernardo
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