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Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Tue Sep 4 16:59:22 GMT 2007

On 9/4/07, Alex Günsche <ag.ml2007 at zirona.com> wrote:
> Indeed, and I think we had discussions on this lists of the benefits of
> generic SQL support, and we decided (IIRC) that there are more benefits
> of a specialized MySQL interface in order to have the advantages of
> certain MySQL features (such as SQL_CALC_FOUND_ROWS).

That was indeed the main reason.

> I also remember that some people wanted to create Postgres and other
> ports, though I don't remember if those were ever released, and if so,
> if they're still maintained.

The Postgres Port was mostly working (couple of bugs), but well... it
died off, too.

I still maintain that the best way of porting to another system is a
new library + regex plugin; it has worked in the past and is
practically bulletproof.

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