[wp-hackers] WPMU mu-plugins dir (was Setting default options for plugin)

Omry Yadan omry at yadan.net
Tue Sep 4 10:17:47 GMT 2007

> The plugins should work the same way. You can whitelist them for being
> able to be activated by users. Also, they should be able to be set as a
> forced-on invisible plugin (exactly the way mu-plugins are), and when
> _these_ types of plugins are enabled or disabled, the
> activation/deactivation hooks should be called for each blog in the
> system via WP-Cron. Also, whenever someone signs up for a new blog, the
> activation hooks should be run.

I am not sure about the last bit.
There are two different kind of plugins:
* the common ones, are plugins for specific blogs - and as such they 
should be activated in the blog context.
* plugins that are system wide, and have a single instance for the 
entire wpmu site.

Maybe it's enough for plugins to register the new_blog action and to 
activate there for that blog (using swtich_to_blog() before doing the 
in any case - one thing is sure:
wpmu is not documented nearly well enough, and there is a lot of 
confusion among plugin authors about how to support it.

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