[wp-hackers] Shared Knowledge for Developers

Jacob Santos dragonwing at dragonu.net
Tue Sep 4 02:28:40 GMT 2007

Question: Why do you use the optional PHP ending tag?

Answer: It is the standard of PHP developers, which was agreed on and 
should be respected.

I had a more sarcastic reply, but I figure that since I don't want to 
change my name when I go to WordCamp next year, that I should just let 
it go.

Jacob Santos

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> The WP-hackers list has a number of recurring topics, as anyone who 
> has been subscribed for a few months is aware. Rather than answering 
> "why don't you use DB abstraction?" for the tenth time, we should pool 
> our resources and create an evergreen resource for people new to 
> WordPress development to benefit from the thousand decisions and 
> discussions that have happened before they got here.
> If you have a question you'd like to never answer again, reply to this 
> message with the question AND an answer, and I'll collate and edit 
> them all into a coherent developer intro FAQ.
> P.S. If you have something you'd like me to answer personally, drop me 
> the question off-list and I'll reply to the list with the answer.

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