[wp-hackers] Single sign-on with Wordpress & Mediawiki

Jacob wordpress at santosj.name
Wed Oct 31 03:52:56 GMT 2007

Travis Snoozy wrote:
> On Tue, 30 Oct 2007 18:37:47 -0700 (PDT), wordpress at santosj.name wrote:
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>> You would still need to have a password for each site, but the deal
>> is that they wouldn't have to remember several different usernames.
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> Not true. OpenID is intended as a SSO technology, and makes a direct
> comparison to Passport in its own FAQ[1]. The API clearly allows you to
> authenticate a user entirely through a third-party OpenID provider[2].
> Even registration can be partially automated, with the appropriate
> extension[3]. It is implementation-dependent whether or not you permit
> access to a given service based on OpenID authentication -- but that's
> mostly because permission is an *authorization* issue, not an
> authentication one.
Now that we have came to the conclusion that 1) I'm completely wrong and 
2) OpenID is a perfect solution. I think we should move one to 
implementing this solution for WordPress and/or WordPress Mu. Or taking 
an existing plugin and positioning it into the core. I think the census 
from a while back was that this wasn't ever going to happen, but now 
that WordPress.com has it, I think the argument for it might stand now.


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