[wp-hackers] OT: DBSlayer, a lightweight, JSON-powered Database Abstraction Layer

Computer Guru computerguru at neosmart.net
Sun Oct 28 20:10:44 GMT 2007

The New York Times, as a part of their move from traditional printed media
to online-based news services, have started up an open-source website where
they're sharing the tools they've written to make it possible.

DBSlayer is one of these tools, it's a very intersted db abstraction layer
(currently only MySQL....) that runs in the background and transmits info
via JSON over HTTP:


It's quite useless if you're just running one server, but it's definitely
worth toying with if you have a MySQL server farm in the background and need
a lightweight way to access data directly from your scripts.

(I was surprised to find out that the entire NYTimes website is run under
PHP and MySQL!)

Note: I didn't mention this for anything to do with adding such support to
WP, just thought some might appreciate the code.

Computer Guru
NeoSmart Technologies

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