[wp-hackers] WPMU cross-site categories & tagging

Donncha O Caoimh donncha at linux.ie
Wed Oct 24 17:31:35 GMT 2007

Hi Callum,

Check the Trac page for WordPress MU at
I've been merging code from WP 2.3 for quite a while, and it's fairly
stable. As it's taken quite a while I'm going to wait until Ryan
releases WP 2.3.1 and merge that because there are a number of useful
bug and security fixes since 2.3 was released.
Shouldn't be long before the .1 maintenance release comes out.
This is the last post I made about the new release:


Callum Macdonald wrote:
> G'day,
> I've just started working with WPMU. I've noticed that my wordpress.com 
> accounts have the same tagging box that WP 2.3 has, but WPMU doesn't. My 
> question is two-fold.
> 1) Is anyone interested in collaborating on implementing this? I'm happy 
> to put in some time, but it'd be nice to work with one or two others on it.
> 2) If we/I go ahead and do this, will it get committed to WPMU trunk?

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