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I've written a tags plugin for wordpress mu and would love to share it 
for all to use. I haven't had time to properly package it, but you email 
will definately motivate me to do this asap :)

You can see it in action on the dutch public broadcaster's site 
Radio6.nl (left column under 'Tags', surprisingly ;)).

The code is GPL licensed and the first part of it is sponsored by the 
dutch broadcast organization VPRO.

Let me know if there is an interest in this WP-MU plugin...

ps: Is there a specific wpmu plugin repository?

All the best,

Peter Westwood wrote:
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> Callum Macdonald wrote:
>> G'day,
>> I've just started working with WPMU. I've noticed that my wordpress.com
>> accounts have the same tagging box that WP 2.3 has, but WPMU doesn't. My
>> question is two-fold.
>> 1) Is anyone interested in collaborating on implementing this? I'm happy
>> to put in some time, but it'd be nice to work with one or two others on it.
>> 2) If we/I go ahead and do this, will it get committed to WPMU trunk?
>> My second point raises the question, is there point in us going through
>> this process if the code already exists? Or is the WordPress.com code so
>> far removed from the "stock" WPMU that it's probably quicker to copy
>> from WP 2.3?
>> I guess that's more than two questions! :)
> Disclaimer - I don't work on wordpress.com or for automattic
> - From what I know - wordpress.com runs on WPMU trunk plus stuff merged
> from WordPress trunk so it is always ahead of WPMU itself.
> AFAIK In general if you see it on wordpress.com it will get merged into
> WPMU in the future.
> westi
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