[wp-hackers] WPhone Admin plugin 1.3.1, aka "iPhone Contest Final Version"

Viper007Bond viper at viper007bond.com
Mon Oct 22 07:44:06 GMT 2007

I see you didn't take the time to fully check out our plugin before writing
your post. ;)

On 10/21/07, Jared Bangs <jared at pacific22.com> wrote:
> Leverages existing admin pages code, allowing for:
>     *  WP features like auto-save to continue to function as normal

This is true -- ours doesn't currently have autosave (not that it'd be hard
to add, just didn't think of it).

    *  Easier upgrade path in the future, as changes to the WP admin
> code are less likely to break the plugin
>     *  Beneficial changes (or bug fixes) to the WP admin code are
> automatically incorporated

Any upgrade to the core won't affect our plugin really as the regular admin
pages still run and all that. What we did is hooked in early, enabled output
buffering, allowed the regular admin page to run (handle POSTs, fetch data
for use by us, etc.), then flushed the buffer to remove any outputted HTML.
This means that we aren't replicating any code or anything like that.

Then the plugin outputs a lighter, fully gzip'ed version of the admin page
(page, CSS, Javascript, everything) created using the WordPress API
functions. I think you'll really notice the difference on a limited
bandwidth connection, especially on older, slower phones.

    *  While the most common features have custom styling, all admin
> functions are still readily available
> Compatibility with existing admin plugins without any modifications
> (such as SEO, tag suggest, etc. plugins )

I wasn't able to check any of that out as I can't get your plugin to
activate for me. It throws a PHP error.

>     *  Large library of current (and future) WP admin plugins will
> "just work" in the mobile UI, without rewriting or tweaking
>     *  Built from the ground up around a plugin architecture.
>     *  Object oriented design allows for easy customization and plugin
> development while minimizing the amount of code that needs to be
> written.
>     *  iPhone support itself is a plugin, which can be easily altered
> or used as an example for new plugins.

Again, not able to respond, although I will mention that out plugin is 100%
hookable, filterable, and translatable (see example plugin).

Ability to toggle the "mobile" view on and off, from any browser
> (mobile or otherwise) without disabling the plugin or logging in/out,
> and without requiring javascript to be enabled

Same for our plugin (via $_GET), but we opted to provide no UI for this as
it didn't seem to be needed from our perspective, especially with the
limited screen space.

Draws iPhone UI (and any other custom interfaces) without requiring
> javascript to be enabled

We figured that if a phone didn't support JS, it's capabilities were
obviously limited (memory, processor power, etc.) and therefore would be
better off with an imageless and very light version.

First!!! (to release, that is) - just a little slashdot comment humor, there
> :-)


May the best plugin win!

Indeed! I wish you good luck. :)

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