[wp-hackers] Moving tickets/patches forward

Bob wp-hackers at nj-arp.org
Wed Oct 17 00:40:50 GMT 2007

I'm involved with patches for a couple tickets related to wp-mail.php.  For 
one of them, #5169, I've tested and uploaded a patch, but that was 5 days 
ago and nothing has happened to the ticket since then.  Is there a process 
for moving these tickets forward so the patch can be incorporated in the 
trunk?  (Note that what's in the trunk now basically doesn't work, so a 
patch is definitely needed, and I have tested my patch.)

The other ticket, #4642, depends on the patch for #5169.  I'm waiting for 
#5169 to be closed before continuing with #4642 so I don't have to test the 
patch twice.

If someone could take care of #5169, I would really appreciate it.  And if 
there's some sort of process to get patches accepted, please let me know.



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