[wp-hackers] Wordpress minor versions changing things for no reason, why?

spencerp spencerp1 at gmail.com
Sat Oct 13 00:02:20 GMT 2007

Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Jeremy Visser wrote:
>> I am greatly shocked by the attitude you have, but I do not want to
>> pollute with flamewars, so I will politely point you to these links,
>> which appeared on the planet feeds aggregated on every single WordPress
>> dashboard during September:
> It's also worth mentioning that the low-volume WordPress main blog had 
> 5 posts about 2.3 prior to its release:
> http://wordpress.org/development/2007/08/23-beta-1/
> http://wordpress.org/development/2007/09/wordpress-23-beta-2/
> http://wordpress.org/development/2007/09/wordpress-23-beta-3/
> http://wordpress.org/development/2007/09/wordpress-23-release-candidate-1/ 
> http://wordpress.org/development/2007/09/preparing-for-23/
Yeah, that and I helped push the fact that THIS needed brought BEFORE 
the release too. I guess it goes to show no matter how far in advance 
the warning(s) are, people just don't read them or care about "them"... 
The warnings were posted on the bulletin boards in advanced to wake up 
plugin authors and such about various changes, and the possibility of 
plugin breakage... It's not the "developer's fault" ...

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