[wp-hackers] Wordpress minor versions changing things for no reason, why?

Peter Westwood peter.westwood at ftwr.co.uk
Fri Oct 12 06:46:33 GMT 2007

On 12 Oct 2007, at 03:30, Mike Purvis wrote:

> I'm not a frequent participant on this mailing list, but I'm
> frustrated once again that the WP 2.3 release has broken my plugin:
> ...
> Sorry for being confrontational; but perhaps a core dev or someone
> could link me to a page explaining any processes or policies regarding
> these things?

Keeping up with the changes between versions can be difficult - but  
the core devs cannot test every single plugin while making changes -  
nothing would ever get done.

In general we try and preserve the api for plugins.

If you want an easy way to keep track of WordPress development  
without having to spend a lot of time reading through every change  
you may be interested in my new weekly digest posts on http:// 

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