[wp-hackers] Wordpress minor versions changing things for no reason, why?

Mike Purvis mike at uwmike.com
Fri Oct 12 02:30:34 GMT 2007

Hi again,

I'm not a frequent participant on this mailing list, but I'm
frustrated once again that the WP 2.3 release has broken my plugin:


This is not a popular plugin, I'd guess it has only maybe a few
hundred active users. Yet out comes WP 2.3, and I've got an inbox of
emails from users annoyed that it's broken again, and by another
Wordpress release that doesn't seem to justify itself with any
significant new features or improvements.

I realise that ajax enhancements depend on things like markup
structure which is impossible to set in stone, but I wish the devs
could at least make an *effort* to not make trivial changes that might
break this kind of functionality.

Here's my email on this topic from the last time, which didn't attract
much attention:


Sorry for being confrontational; but perhaps a core dev or someone
could link me to a page explaining any processes or policies regarding
these things?


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