[wp-hackers] iPhone Plugin Competition: Presenting WPhone

Stephane Daury wordpress at tekartist.org
Wed Oct 10 00:55:22 GMT 2007

Ah, done playing alpha dad for the night (lest one wakes up). :)

I just wanted to publicly state how great of an experience this has  
all been.
 From 3 *strangers* randomly teaming up and immediately getting  
along, to the knowledge we've sponged up, and all while going through  
some pretty big personal events with all parties in the last 3 weeks.

Fun stuff people. Fun stuff.

WPhone was actually designed and written with any lightweight/ 
embedded and accessibility (braille readers, etc) devices/software in  

If it works as great as it does on my feature-deficient Motorola v551  
(same browser as the popular RAZR, less RAM), you probably have good  
chances it'll work with your phone/PDA/etc as well. Please provide us  
with feedback on the widest array of devices, and we'll strive to  
support as many as we can.

Of particular interest at this time are:
- iPhone/iPod Touch (of course),
- Blackberries,
- Nokia N60WebKit,
- Mobile Opera,
- Open Moko,
- and accessibility devices

... but all feedback will be welcomed.

On this, I'll let anyone interested play with the app, and let us  
know how we did.

Cheers, and thanks D & V.


On Oct 09, 2007, at 19:12, Viper007Bond wrote:

> ( No clue what this is about? Then see
> http://groups.google.com/group/wp-hackers/msg/8f0d65954e9dacc3
> )
> Stephane Daury (stephdau), Doug Stewart (zamoose), and I  
> (Viper007Bond) are
> proud to announce our entry into the iPhone interface compeition:  
> WPhone!
> http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wphone/
> http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wphone/screenshots/
> First, a note: while it _should_ work perfectly fine on an iPhone  
> (we all
> coded and tested using Safari), none of us own or have access to an  
> actual
> iPhone, so forgive us if something doesn't work as expected on it. ;)
> Anyway, on to the features list:
> * Support for ALL mobile devices. When a rich device (i.e. iPhone  
> or iPod
> Touch) is detected, extra CSS and Javascript is loaded transforming  
> the
> "lite" XHTML valid interface into an version that resembles the  
> existing
> iPod/iPhone interface (see screenshots). Your mobile phone doesn't  
> have to
> be a "known device" in order to use the lite interface due to the new
> checkbox on the login form.
> * All HTML, Javascript, and CSS is sent GZip'ed to cut down on  
> bandwidth
> required. CSS is loaded inline on the "lite" version to avoid the  
> dreaded
> pause-and-reload issue on low memory phones (it'll load the page,  
> pause,
> then apply the CSS).
> * Existing URLs work and load the expected screen (for example, if  
> you click
> an "edit" link on your main blog, it will take you to the edit form  
> for that
> post/comment/whatever).
> * Support for posts, pages, comments, categories, tags, users, etc.
> * AJAX post and comment listing ("get more")
> * Fully hookable / filterable -- you can add pages to the interface  
> via a
> plugin (see the included example plugin)
> * Plus other stuff I'm probably forgetting!  (Doug, Stephane --  
> help me out
> here, hehe)
> Hope you all enjoy the plugin and we look forward to your feedback  
> (it'd be
> appreciated). We still have some more features and stuff planned,  
> but we
> decided it was time to get an initial version out the door. ;)
> And here's hoping we win! :P
> -- 
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