[wp-hackers] PROPOSAL: Use sunmanagers etiquette to help reduce list S/N ratio

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Sat Oct 6 12:37:49 GMT 2007

I personally don't like #4. Sure, it'd cut down a lot on the traffic, but
then I'd have to rely on the original poster to make sure my thoughts /
points got to the rest of the list. That could take a lot of time, leave out
some ideas, etc. Plus the "SUMMARY" thing might screw those of us over using
clients like GMail which auto-thread e-mails (I believe it puts heavy weight
on the subject line, but I could be wrong).

If I didn't want tons of e-mails, I wouldn't have joined a high-traffic
mailing list. ;)

On 10/6/07, Doug Stewart <zamoose at gmail.com> wrote:
> I don't know how many of you have experience in the Sun/Solaris admin
> community, but the Sun Managers list is usually a great place to go to
> get information and solutions to your problems
> (http://www.sunmanagers.org/).
> It is a bit more specialized in its intent than wp-hackers, for
> certain, but I believe several of the rules they uphold might be
> relevant.
> To wit:
> ======================
> 1:  This list is NOT moderated!  Every message that is sent to the list
>     will be passed on to every member of the list.
> 2:  Requests to have addresses added or removed from the list should NOT
>     be sent to the entire list.  Instead, addresses should be added
>     or removed via the web page at http://www.sunmanagers.org
>     Similarly, test messages of any sort should not be sent to the list.
> [snip]
> 4:  All responses are to be mailed back to the questioner and are NOT to
> be
>     sent to the entire list.  Any response to a list message sent to the
>     list, rather than to the person asking the question, will be deleted
>     without notice.  The person who originally asked the question has the
>     responsibility of summarizing the answers and sending the entire
>     summary back to the list.  When a summary is sent back to the list,
>     the word "SUMMARY" should be the first word of the "Subject" line.
> 5:  Discussions on ANY topic are not allowed and will not be tolerated.
>     If you want to discuss something, take it to the appropriate Sun
>     newsgroup.
> 6:  If it is not specifically related to Sun system management, then it
>     does NOT belong on this list.  Requests for vendor recommendations
>     are tolerated, provided that the hardware in question is something
> that
>     system managers normally purchase.
> [snip]
> 9:  Requests for software (free or otherwise) should be limited to
>     software that is directly related to Sun SYSTEM MANAGEMENT ONLY.
> 10: Read the appropriate manuals BEFORE posting, including the "Read
>     This First" documents.  Oftentimes the manuals contain answers for
>     common problems.
> [snip]
> 12: A posting to sunmanagers is not a general invitation to email the
>     poster -- if you wish to send email to a sunmanagers poster, the email
>     you send should be related to the posting, else it will be unsolicited
>     email and may be treated like any other unsolicited email (e.g. spam).
>     Sunmanagers is not to be used to collect email addresses of people who
>     manage Sun systems.  Those who do this not only violate the list's
>     policy, but risk seriously offending the very people they are
>     attempting to reach.
> 13: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE...Think before you send a message!  Ask yourself
>     "is this really appropriate?"  There are enough other newsgroups
>     and mailing lists around to cover the marginal topics.  Perhaps there
>     is another forum that is more appropriate?  Check the list of Sun
>     specific newsgroups included in the FAQ.  Perhaps your message would
>     be more appropriate there?"
> ======================
> I know that's a lot to read through, but the rules are presented in
> plain language and might make a very good jumping-off point for a
> similar revision of wp-hackers, particularly rules #4 and 13.
> What do you all think?  Draw up something similar and post it
> prominently on the list page, reference it when folks get out of line,
> etc.?
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