[wp-hackers] 2.4 Feature Proposal: New general meta-data table

Jared Bangs jared at pacific22.com
Fri Oct 5 04:25:13 GMT 2007

On 10/4/07, Andy Skelton <skeltoac at gmail.com> wrote:
> However, if you consider the blog as an object with the implicit ID of
> 1, it makes perfect sense. Taking it further, into the context of
> WPMU, there is a blogs table where each blog has an ID and a sites
> table where each site has an ID.
> Here are the items that would be rolled into a unified meta table:
> sitemeta
> blogmeta (aka options)
> usermeta
> postmeta
> commentmeta
> Have I missed any?
> I'd love to have mediameta and get attachments out of the posts table,
> but that's neither here nor there...
> Andy

The other consideration (if a goal is to have a single, consistent
table schema between MU and regular WP - not always the case now but
certainly welcome going forward), is that then most of the 'meta' info
mentioned above (post-related, comment-related, etc.) would need to be
made unique by site, blog and object (post, comment, etc.) id.

Don't know if this is getting too deep into MU territory for this
list, but it might also be nice (especially for "mediameta") to be
able to share some items across multiple sites and/or blogs, so as to
avoid duplication while promoting reuse. In that case, then maybe two
tables would be in order; one for the meta data (id, key, value) and
one to associate the data in that table to one-to-many other objects
without duplicating the meta data itself.

As I typed that, I realize that it might be over engineering things,
but might as well throw it out there for discussion.

+1 on getting the attachments out of the post table one way or another, though.

- Jared

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