[wp-hackers] Incredibly High PHP Creation Times on WP SVN?

Robin Adrianse robin.adr at gmail.com
Fri Oct 5 01:28:43 GMT 2007

Maybe WP checks if it's defined *and* it's true? Might make a bit more sense
to people finding themselves in situations like Guru was here.

On 10/4/07, Computer Guru <computerguru at neosmart.net> wrote:

> Guess I was wrong about wp-cache. Reason I didn't get it - here's my
> wp-config.php:
> define('ENABLE_CACHE', false); //WP in-built object cache
> Apparently setting it to false or setting it to true makes no difference.
> Turns out you have to remove that line altogether!
> Looks like we're using is_defined instead of evaluating enable_cache with
> true/false.

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