[wp-hackers] PostgreSQL port status?

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Mon Oct 1 00:39:07 GMT 2007


On 10/1/07, Matt <speedboxer at gmail.com> wrote:
> Since MySQL is the required database for WordPress, I think we might as well
> take advantage of MySQL-specific features, and not try to make it all
> "generic". If we're going to only support 1 database, we should take
> advantage of that.
> I'm not saying this just to make using other databases harder, either. I'm
> saying it because WordPress has already decided to use just MySQL, and
> that's what you should be running it on...

first of all, i have no idea which post/comment you are replying,
since there is no quoted text ( context ) in your message.

but assuming you are referring to my latest post: i am not sure what
you mean about mysql-specific "features". i don't consider accepting
"`" in a query statement a feature. i don't consider writing LIMIT x,y
instead of LIMIT y OFFSET x a feature. i don't consider adding
"IGNORE" to an insert-statement a feature. that is just a hack.

if you are talking about the FOUND/CALC-ROWS "feature", you might have
a point. but since a statement with this feature takes longer to
execute than a statement without this feature, i suspect it is just a
dialect issue as well. i might be wrong about this.

but my post was certainly not about features. creating indices in the
create-table statement is more vendor-specific than
  CREATE INDEX indexname ON tablename(fieldname[,fieldname]*);

which works on any RDMBS.

it is about complying to standards instead of complying to vendors.

there is no specific advantage WP is currently taking advantage of
MySQL, apart from it's availability.

different RDMBS systems have different strengths: MySQL may be fast
and free, PGSQL is robust and free ( and just as fast ), MSSQL is
readily available in the windows world, Oracle .... yadayadayada.



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