[wp-hackers] Looking for plugin development guidance

Mike Walsh mike_walsh at mindspring.com
Sun Nov 11 13:21:04 GMT 2007

I am working on a WP plugin to support a youth Swim Team.  I have quite a
bit of the support infrastructure in place from the admin side (registering
swimmers, defining age groups, volunteer roles, etc.) and am at the point
where I want to expose functionality to the target users.


I am looking for suggestions on the best or recommended way to expose new
functionality to the user facing part of the web site.  My initial thought
is to automatically generate pages when the plugin is installed for the
various things I would need (swim meet schedule, results, roster, etc.) to
expose to the typical user.


Is there a better or recommended way to do something like this?






PS:  Any pros or cons on hosting the plugin at SourceForge vs.



Mike Walsh - mike_walsh at mindspring dot com


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