Nested blockquotes unallowed Re: [wp-hackers] Re: WP issues

Geoffrey Sneddon foolistbar at
Thu May 31 21:37:10 GMT 2007

On 31 May 2007, at 21:03, Lloyd Budd wrote:

> On 5/31/07, Geoffrey Sneddon <foolistbar at> wrote:
>> On 31 May 2007, at 19:55, Geoffrey Sneddon wrote:
>> > b) <blockquote> elements cannot be nested within one another
>> > [TICKET1170]. This is marked as closed, although I just recreated
>> > it on both 2.2 and 2.3. This bug has been opened for over _TWO
>> … and the ticket has been closed _AGAIN_. Just because you can't
>> reproduce a bug doesn't mean it doesn't exist. I've just recreated it
>> again. It most certainly exists here.
> Would you please respond with how to reproduce it then?

I've done so. I assumed WP would have balanceTags enabled by default  
due to its "focus on web standards", but once again WP's emphasis on  
standards obviously isn't as strong as the website suggests (as  
surely ensuring valid XHTML should be done, as the option name says  
it does‽).

- Geoffrey Sneddon

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