Atom 1.0 comments feed? Re: [wp-hackers] WP issues

Lloyd Budd lloydomattic at
Thu May 31 19:52:36 GMT 2007

On 5/31/07, Geoffrey Sneddon <foolistbar at> wrote:
> 3. Why was no Atom 1.0 feed offered?

I am guess that should read Atom 1.0 comments feed?

>         a) "Aggregators I tried with the existing patch didn't
> work."[TICKET1526] — We already offer multiple feeds to make sure
> the UA can parse one (though in the above case, all of Photo Matt's
> comment feeds are currently broken, and any parser that parses it is
> broken).
>         b) "There is no satisfactory patch available."[TICKET1526] —
> Waiting doesn't seem to have made this much better than patches that
> were around several years ago, see 2.
>         c) "We have no way currently to ensure XHTML validity."[TICKET1526]
> — See 1.

> [TICKET1526]:

That has a lot of information -- and I don't have the expertise to
follow it. Maybe, a new suscinct ticket would move the issue forward?
Of course, patches and availability to discuss on #wordpress-dev helps
even more!

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