[wp-hackers] the_excerpt suggestion

marsupilami arrariv at gmail.com
Tue May 29 22:32:47 GMT 2007

Dear Developpers,

I'd like to propose a suggestion, a better way to insert a photo in a post
to display it in his excerpt.

I wanted to upload a photo for a post and include it in the post and in the
excerpt with a full link to the post.  This way, when someone click on a
photo they saw in Search ( or elsewhere ), he's directed to the post. ( I
know that they can click on the name of the post to see the whole post. )
But when I upload a photo and insert with "Show : Thumbnail" and "Link to :
Page", it inserts a link to the photo, not to the actual post. Do you find
this normal?

This is only possible by editing the link created in Upload a Photo.

My idea is the following :
1. I start creating/editing a post.
2. I insert a Post Title.
3. I start writing my content.
4. Wordpress auto-saves the post.
5. When he auto-saves, he also create the Post Slug ( if it's not already
inserted by the writer ).
6. I upload a photo.
7. I insert it in the post in his original form.
8. I also insert in excerpt with "Show : Thumbnail" and "Link to : Post" and
"Insert in : Excerpt".
9. When I went to the archive, I can see the picture linked to the Post.

Is this possible with Ajax and some changes in the Upload file?
BTW, I'm asking you gals/guys because I believe this must be implemented in
the core.

Best Regards,
Mustafa Suphi Yilmaz

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