[wp-hackers] Need some quick info about a wordpress core function

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Tue May 29 10:10:33 GMT 2007

Il giorno 29/mag/07, alle ore 11:50, R.J. Kaplan ha scritto:

> Hi,
> I know this isn't really the place, but you're the guys who know  
> WordPress best. Anyways, I'm writing a photo album plugin, and I'd  
> like to make use of the thumbnail creation function built into  
> wordpress. I spend hours looking through the code, but I can't find  
> it. Can someone here please tell me where I can find it?

in 2.2: admin-functions.php, lines 2217-2310

function wp_create_thumbnail( $file, $max_side, $effect = '' ) {
		// 1 = GIF, 2 = JPEG, 3 = PNG

Probably in the same file you'll find the other functions you need.

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