[wp-hackers] "Blogroll" Title (#4343)

Owen V. Gray ovgray at rogers.com
Sun May 27 14:45:22 GMT 2007

> I was teaching a class on using WordPress, and I realized how 
> limiting the
> title of "Blogroll" was especially to developers using it as a CMS.  I
> suggest having it changed to "Links" or some other variant for UI
> consistency. 

I made the same suggestion last October before 2.1 (which changed the
title from "Links" to "Blogroll") was released:



Almost all the messages in those threads favoured making that admin menu
title either "Links" or "Bookmarks", rather than "Blogroll" as it was in
2.1 alpha. By then it had already been changed to "Blogroll" on
wordpress.com, however. The release version followed the wordpress.com

How about an option to name that menu as any one of "Links", Bookmarks",
"Blogroll" or whatever (with appropriate changes to the menu page text)?
Perhaps with an option to make it a submenu of the "Manage" menu rather
than a main menu item? 


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