[wp-hackers] Fresh Meat: Open Web Analytics for WordPress

Peter Adams peter at oncefuture.com
Sun May 27 01:04:17 GMT 2007

Hi all -

Thanks to help from folks on this list, I've recently released the  
Open Web Analytics (OWA) framework for WordPress. OWA is a generic  
web analytics framework that comes with tight integration for  
WordPress and MediaWiki (phpBB and Gallery2 are in the works).

Installs as a regular WordPress plugin and has been tested under v2.0  
-v2.2.  In you are interested, see http://www.openwebanalytics.com  
for the code and install instructions.

WordPress specific features include:

* Track visitors by WordPress user name or e-mail address they use in  
* Track all Wordpress Page Types (Posts, Pages, Authors, Archives,  
Categories, etc.)
* Track the number of comments made by visit
* Reporting accessable via Admin Dashboard
* Track subscribers to RSS/Atom feeds
* Track multiple WordPress instances using the same OWA database

Core Features:

* Track Page views, visits, and unique visitors over time
* Track unique, new, repeat visitors over time
* Multiple Web Site Support - track any number of web sites and view  
statistics in aggregate or by site
* Log events can be written to the database asynchronously.
* Click-streams - view the actual click-stream of each visitor
* Click Tracking - Track where exactly on a web page users are  
clicking and view clicks by browser type
* Click Heat Maps - view a heat map of where users are clicking on  
your web pages
* Google Maps - map your visitors on Google Maps
* Google Earth (KML) - view your visitors in Google Earth via a KML  
file export
* RSS/ATOM subscription tracking - track unique feed readers, reader  
types, and feed requests
* Visitor Aging - understand the age of your repeat visitors.
* Canned and Custom Time Periods - generate reports using pre-defined  
reporting periods or custom date ranges
* Referring Page Analysis - View the title, anchor text, and  
surrounding text of inbound links from referring web pages
* View visits by user agent
* Track entry and exit pages
* Track pages by custom page types

There is a still _a lot_ left to be done here but hopefully this will  
come in handy for those of you looking to add analytics to your  
plugins or themes.

Thanks in advance for any feedback or bug reports.


   * Peter Adams  <peter at oncefuture.com>
   * Blog >>   http://www.oncefuture.com/padams/weblog
   * Open Web Analytics - http://www.openwebanalytics.com

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