[wp-hackers] Making the move from categories to terms

Robin Adrianse robin.adr at gmail.com
Thu May 24 21:48:15 GMT 2007

First thing, the category-to-tag converter is nonfunctional now. I wrote it
when the first generation of tags (the one that got ripped out) was in the

Second of all, the plan is still to have link categories, post categories
and tags. Hierarchy, too.

On 5/24/07, Aaron Brazell <abrazell at b5media.com> wrote:
> I did see that and conveniently glossed over it assuming it didn't
> apply to me. Whatever.
> So I have to ask the question. Why are we bundling an importer from
> cats to terms. It seems everyone is going to lose their categories.
> The migration needs to not be a bundled solution but part of the
> upgrade routine. Or am I still totally missing the boat here?
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> On May 24, 2007, at 5:37 PM, Brian Layman wrote:
> > Re: Beware Trunk
> > "A lot more just went in.  There's still a ways to go, but the new
> > taxonomy is almost usable.  Note that all of your existing categories
> > and tags will no longer show up since there isn't any upgrade code
> > yet.  If someone wants to work on a migrator that migrates the old
> > tag/cat schema to the new taxonomy schema, the taxonomy API should be
> > up to the challenge.  Let's bundle it as an importer like we do with
> > UTW and the cat to tag migrator.  And speaking of UTW and cat2tag,
> > both of those importers need to be updated.
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