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Peter Gordon wrote:

> PS, PHP6 is coming as well, with full Unicode support. 

PHP6 will be the biggest flop in history. Worse than MS Bob.

Why? Because it'll be OO... At least that's what they say. From what
I've read, the whole point of PHP6 is to make it a "real" programming
language. I hate PHP because it isn't, but let's face it, the reason PHP
is so popular in the first place is because it lets you castrate proper
programming techniques without so much as a squeal.

So if PHP5, in all its simplicity, compatibility, and non-OOP goodiness
hasn't been all that hot, who in their right mind would bet on an
OOP-ified version of PHP actually being popular with anyone?

People use PHP for the same reason MySpacers love HTML: It's too
compatible and lets you do whatever you like while still providing

That's not to say no one codes right with PHP, but just saying that if
people wanted a REAL language that does REAL code, they'd have gone to
Python or even Perl years ago.

If we're having this endless debate now, I shudder to think what the
state of the WP-Hackers ML will be when PHP6 has been out for a year or
two :)

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