[wp-hackers] On the removal of the preview frame

Sabin Iacob iacobs at m0n5t3r.info
Tue May 22 12:01:55 GMT 2007

László Monda wrote:
> Mighty WordPress Developers,
> Why did you remove the preview frame in WordPress 2.2?  It was such a
> useful UI element, it has really made my life easier.  I'm aware that
> there's a "View >" link on the post page, but it's not nearly as
> convenient.

wow, someone was actually using the thing :D

> I wonder what is the rationale behind such a UI change and I also wonder
> no one is missing the preview frame.
> Please enlighten me about this.

I am not one of them, but I'll throw in my 2 cents:
I always considered the feature annoying, especially when I was on a 
slow expensive GPRS link and I had to wait for the contents of the frame 
to show up; oh, and it also created problems to me because of the way 
the URL was constructed (messed up the breadcrumb, and sometimes messed 
up the whole page, since I serve application/xhtml+xml).

However, since some people seem to actually find the thing useful, maybe 
allowing it to be enabled would be appropriate :)

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