[wp-hackers] PHP5

David Weitz dabbaking at gmail.com
Mon May 21 21:32:32 GMT 2007

I agree with all the statements you made. I've been out of the 
discussion since I don't know much about the specs on how many people 
use it and such.

All that the devs and everyone else in the community should be thinking 
about now is the next release. Not releases down the road. You can waste 
your time discussing features you want way down the line, but it's just 
wasting the time of the developers when you already got a short window 
to deal with for the current release.

Even after a "killdate" has been set for PHP4, I don't think that WP 
should be changed right when it's announced. It will probably take at 
least a year after support is dropped for everything to switch over. 
Hell, WP still supported MySQL 3 for a long time. I know it has recently 
be dropped, but it shows that you should always keep backwards 
compatibility (and how long you have to keep it for) to keep people that 
get left in the dust, happy.

I know that this is probably just extra fluff to this discussion, but it 
might as well end here at least until we get some room to breath (After 
2.2.x has stabilized and no more features are being added).

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