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Robert Deaton false.hopes at gmail.com
Mon May 21 20:50:50 GMT 2007

On 5/21/07, Charles <lists07 at wiltgen.net> wrote:
> > I'd say that most people on this list are more technically inclined
> > than the majority of WP users. They actually know to use PHP5. :P
> Sorry, in an attempt to clarify, you're saying that (1) users need to know PHP to use WordPress, and (2) PHP5 is harder to use than PHP4?  Neither of those ring true to me.

No, that is not even close to what he said. He said that the people on
this list know to use PHP5. Not that they know _how_ to use PHP5. I
believe that answers both of your questions.

> I think it's time to lose the fear of PHP5, especially given the 2008 timeframe.  I'm guessing that the vast majority of us have been running WP under PHP5 for quite some time, and it obviously works great.  Most hosts support PHP5 now, and if we decide that WordPress 3 will require it, the rest will have a comfortable year to follow.

No, you haven not been following the thread at all. Most hosts do not
support PHP5. In fact, the vast majority don't even come close. Its
easy to name 5 big well-known hosts that support PHP5, but name a
bunch of small ones. I guarantee that its easier to find a list of
1000 smaller hosts that don't than it is to find 1000 smaller hosts
that do. As was pointed out earlier, cPanel still doesn't support
PHP5, this is a major hindrance to its adoption, as there are
countless hosts using cPanel.

I'm forking this PHP5 discussion to a new thread.

--Robert Deaton

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