[wp-hackers] PHP5 Switch Campaign

Eduardo Gutierrez de Oliveira eduo at mac.com
Sat May 19 13:38:59 GMT 2007

On May 19, 2007, at 1:06 AM, Matt Mullenweg wrote:
> Michael E. Hancock wrote:
>> ----- Original Message -----
>>> For those who want to see more movement to PHP5
>> ...
>>> We can start a list in codex.
>> http://codex.wordpress.org/Hosts_Supporting_PHP5
> This is an invitation to spam, and not all that useful. The list is  
> possibly infinite -- hopefully at some point will include every  
> single host in the world within a year or two. I would propose  
> taking this page down.
> The best thing to convince hosts to change would be requests from  
> their paying customers.

I know, precisely because I requested this of eleven2 (the hosting I  
use), that some of them don't plan to switch until most major  
packages support PHP5. It's a kind of catch-22. Although I understand  
the reticence of developers to support a minoritary platform this in  
turn sends the signal that php5 is not good enough to warrant a  
switch. Since implementing it would mean lots of support requests  
(many more than currently exist for not offering it) hosting  
solutions don't really have the incentive to do it.

Aah, the joys of backwards compatibility. Provide it and you can't  
evolve as readily. Don't provide it and you risk alienating your  


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