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Knut-Olav Hoven hovenko at linpro.no
Sat May 19 10:14:30 GMT 2007

On Saturday 19 May 2007 09:09:44 Matt wrote:
> On 5/17/07, Mark Jaquith <mark.wordpress at txfx.net> wrote:
> > My first choice, though is to stick with 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6 until
> > we're ready to rewrite 50% of the code and really break stuff for a
> > groundbreaking, spoon-bending, mind-blowing 3.0 release.
> I agree. If you look at some programs, they're at like v15 and they still
> suck. I think we should stick to the +0.1 versioning for now, and consider
> WP3 when we're ready to make MAJOR changes.

I agree.

Commercial products gets major releases whenever the companies want their 
customers to pay once more for their software, and by making that possible 
they need to supply a product that different from the previous version so 
that their customers are willing to pay for it.

It is almost the same with open source software, a new major release should be 
compelling enough that users are willing to make the step (suffering?) to 
start using the new version, not by paying, but by doing the upgrades and 
changes to meet the requirements.

> We could always take what's in the trunk right now, put it in a branch
> called 2.3 and then take the trunk and make it WP3. So we could slowing
> start working on WP3, but still have our main focus as 2.3.

Yes, we need to start now if we are going to make it, because it is not enough 
time in a normal release cycle.

If we start now by planning the design and dependencies of third party 
software it is possible to have WP 3.0 in about a year, and still maintaining 
WP 2.x with bugfixes (and probably adding tagging support).

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